Composite street covers


” MwayPro ” composite manhole covers – Round & square ,  covers installed flush

• EN124 Class B125 – C250 – D400 certified
• The covers are installed in the right track ( no increase ) ;
• The surface is anti-slip and anti-static ;
• An optional seal makes the cover waterproof ;
• The cover is provided with an anti- torsion and anti-spin framework;
• Easy to open by means of a handle ;
• Made of high quality durable composite materials
• 15  Years Product Warranty surface

- Petroleum sector , both upstream (exploration and production ) and downstream (distribution )
- Railways and public transport stations, platforms , car parks etc. .. Railways
- Buildings and roads , repair of roads and highways , construction of new roads, …
- Industry , Factories, warehouses and other industrial zones
- Ports and Airports , Manhole covers class E ( 60T ) and F ( 90T ) are currently in development
- Telecom , Telephone and telecommunications companies
- Service Companies , Water and Electricity Companies
Please find herewith the link to the specifications for the various road covers by class : B125, C250, D400
We also offer our customers the possibility to buy a cover that has already been pre-casted in a concrete slab
It can also refer to our General leaflet

Recently a new type of MwayPro manway cover was designed with a “pressure release locking mechanism” –> Click here for more information

 MwayPro composite covers even have their own website: