LPG-Flex pipes are installed underground in a continuous section between the tank and the dispenser.
This flexible, single pipe installation makes the delicate welding work required for steel pipes no longer needed . LPG-Flex hoses are available in various sizes ranging from DN20 , DN25 and DN32 .

Larger diameters can be made for a variety of applications, such as industrial projects or other butane / propane projects.
Pipes including fittings of the DN20, DN25 and DN32 LPG-Flex pipes  have been designed for a maximum operating pressure of 35bar with a safety factor of 1.5.

LPG-Flex pipes supplied in lengths of 200m or 400m on reels ( different lengths are available on request). On site the installer cuts the desired length and connects the fittings.LPG pipes and fittings

LPG-Flex pipes have the following advantages:
• No corrosion
• Solid, with a max. operating pressure of 35bar
• Installed in continuous runs.
• Flexible, easy to install
• Less pressure loss compared to a steel tube
• Life expectancy 30 years +

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