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Harena – Environment friendly cleaning of fuel and oil spillages

An oleophilic coated mineral that rapidly adsorbs hydrocarbon and isolates them from the immediate environment.
A fully hydrophobic material that consistently repels water.
A powder that adsorbs all hydrocarbons, synthetic fuels, diesel and petrol, including their vapours.
All spilled fuels and oils become non-flammable once fully bonded to Harena. This facilitates the complete removal of the spilled fuel,  minimising the risk of secondary accidents.
Harena, once fully bonded, forms a dry oil-free, non-leaching and non-flammable crumb that can be removed quickly and cleanly.

Harena  is a dry, free flowing powder supplied in weather proof bags of 20kg. It is easy to handle and store with an indefinite shelf life.
Harena is non-flammable and non-toxic and it has been tested to the Waste Acceptance Critera (WAC) – BS EN12457.

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