Vapour shear valves

vapour shear valves


Prevents leakage of saturated vapour onto the forecourt if the dispenser is knocked over or impacted. Also prevents vapour from tank farm returning to forecourt. The integral isolator valve allows maintenance staff to safely replace the main valve once it is damaged.

• Full flow low pressure drop design, normally open
• Avoids partial break interference and leak condition with dual opposed piston design
• Seals upstream and downstream on impact
• Cylindrical body fits through and allows sealing with standard membrane seals
• SIRA Certification: II 1/2 G SIRA 06ATEX9258U
• Includes brackets, bolts, isolator valve and instructions
• 3920 N (400 kgF) break force
• Patented design (UK: GB2342709, US: 6,802,332, EU: EP1,222,423,B1)

Operating pressures:
-5 mbar – +35 mbar
Operating flow range:
0 l/m – 150 l/m
Isolator valve opens:
20 mbar
Break forces: *
Tensile – 3920 N (400 kgF)
Shear – 3920 N (400 kgF)
Bending moment – 50 Nm
* If upper and lower halves
rigidly mounted