Sump repair specification worksheet

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What type of leak repair is required?

Is there a visible active water leak pouring or dripping into the sump currently?

Send images of the repair (10mb maximum)

If possible please identify the pipe/conduit by manufacturer and/or size for each fitting needing repair.

How many studs are there, if the fitting have studs? (some pictures make it hard to see the exact number)

If the fittings have threads, is there at lease 3/8" of an inch (10mm) of excess thread?

If the entry is angled, approximately how many degrees?

What is the OD measurement of the Pipe (IN INCHES OR MM)?

For Easy Fit Watertight Lid replacement have you completed th eIcon Sump Survey Worksheet? (online & .pdf doc link)

If you need a test boot please provide any unique situations (needs to clamp to bell x male fitting, is offset, etc.)

Other comments or information