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iFix repair fittings and boots

Water ingress in a tank sump has many negative effects. One cause can be damaged or worn entry fittings. These are very difficult to repair and often even impossible to replace. The iFix repair boots can be installed without disconnecting or cutting the pipes. The split fittings and boots fit over the pipe and are bonded together to become just as strong and reliable as a brand new entry fitting.

  • Technical details
    • Glassfiber reinforced nylon split cuffs and ProTex flexible split boots and gaskets
    • Different sizes and models, depending on the existing fititing brand or type and pipe diameters
    • Compatible with all types of fuel, including ethanol E85 and biodiesel
  • Advantages
    • Quick installation without difficult pipe disconnections or rework
    • Encapsulation models are filled up with sealant after installation to completely seal off a damaged sump passage.
    • When needed, a water blocking foam is applied to keep the repair area dry and clean, resulting in a successful and reliable repair.

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