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Our piping range

The CGH Group designed and distributes several different pipes for the safe transportation of hazardous liquids. Nupi pipes are used for forecourt installations to transport diesel and/or petrol. LPG-Flex pipes are used for liquid/gas phase mixtures of propane. Fogs pipes are used for Adblue applications. CGH’s RTP pipes are used for transportation of crude oil and wet/sour gas.

Our portfolio fuel pipes

Technical details

CGH have 4 different types of pipes in stock to supply customers worldwide. Nupi pipes are used as suction and filling pipes. LPG-Flex pipes are unique in the market and used to transport Liquiefied Petroleum Gas under pressure from tank to dispenser in a service station. Fogs pipes are used to transport diesel to supply emergency generators or to transport Adblue that’s mainly used as an additive for trucks. CGH’s RTP pipes are used to transport crude oil and gas during a first transportation to a gathering station or to a separator.


CGH not being an installer and as such nog a competitor of any of our customers makes that we are the most suitable partner to collaborate with. Our big warehouse and the close Antwerp harbour ensures that we can deliver rapidly and swiftly our materials to their final destination.

Quality and durability

CGH’s known for quality and durability and this also applies to the 4 different types of pipe we manufacture and distribute. Test reports and certificates can be provided at request.

Custom made solutions

the CGH engineering team will assist customers with their knowledge in various domains. As such a custom-made solution will be engineered that suits best the demands of our clients.
Interested? Contact us for more information.

Our expertise

Expert in various domains

Our wide product range helps with offering solutions to customers in various sectors. We are therefore not limited to only the downstream petroleum sector.

Fuel Stations Railway and public transportation
Telecom Building and roads
Datacenters Harbours & Airports
Petroleum Utility Companies

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