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EasyFit Entry fittings

To obtain a reliable and leak tight passage of pipes through a sump wall, Easyfit cuffs and flexible boots are the most convenient and sure way. No extra holes must be drilled apart from the pipe opening, and pipes can enter the sump under an angle of maximum 12 degrees thanks to the flexible boots. The boots are made of Protex, an engineered bondable copolymer, that combines high flexibility with excellent resistance to fuels and ground water.

  • Technical details
    • Glassfiber reinforced nylon cuffs with ProTex flexible boots
    • Three sizes of cuffs and boots adapted to the current pipe outer diameters
    • Compatible with all types of fuel, including ethanol E85 and biodiesel
  • Advantages
    • Quick installation and high degree of freedom
    • Only a hole saw is needed for installation, no welding
    • Single or double sealing on inside and outside is possible

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