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Our portfolio composite covers

The CGH Group has a portfolio of composite street covers class B (12,5T), C (25T) and D (40T) that can be used for light and heavy traffic across different sectors and applications.




Our product range

Technical details

A brand new range of MwayPro composite manhole covers has been developed, using patented Thrubeam® technology.

This makes our MwayPro covers and frames light, strong and durable to meet the requirements for installing in road, pedestrian and industrial areas. But they won’t damage your back when you have to move them. The properties of the composite materials enables MwayPro products to be fitted into demanding locations and used by utility companies, petrol forecourts, factories, builders, main contractors and infrastructure developers.

All composite manhole covers are tested to the EN124:1994 standards and we have third party test evidence for all the physical properties the covers have be designed to perform.


CGH is not an installation company and therefore not a competitor of our numerous installation customers. This ensures that we are the most suitable independent partner. Our large storage facilities and the proximity to the port of Antwerp ensure that we can deliver all our materials in the right place quickly and correctly

Quality and durability

CGH guarantees quality and durability. Our MwayPro manhole covers are no exception and adhere to the highest market standards. We give 15 years corrosion warranty +  15 years warranty on the surface thread. Test reports and certificates can be supplied at request.

Customized solutions

Our engineers help clients with their knowledge at different levels and in different domains. In this way, tailor-made solutions are offered according to the wishes of the customer. MwayPro covers are also completely modular and can therefore perfectly cover large surfaces.

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Our Expertise

Expert in various domains

Our wide product range helps with offering solutions to customers in various sectors. We are therefore not limited to only the downstream petroleum sector.

Fuel Stations Railway and public transportation
Telecom Building and Roads
Datacenters Harbours & Airports
Petroleum Utility Companies

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