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Product overview

Product Download
Access chambers / shafts Download Tank Accessories   
B125 (pedestrians and bikes) Download MwayPro General   
C250 (medium traffic) Download MwayPro General    Download MwayPro Forecourt covers   
Cable Management System “Easy Duct”
Compact stations Download Compact Station Flyer   
Container stations Download Container station   
Cradles / Straps Download Tanks Accessories   
D400 (heavy traffic) Download MwayPro General    Download Forecourt   
Dispenser Sumps Download Dispenser Sumps   
Donuts and inserts Download EasyFit   
EasyFit Entry fittings Download EasyFit Entry Pipes   
Fill Boxes Download Fill Boxes   
FOGS pipes Download Fogs Adblue    Download Fogs General   
FP-Flex® piping Download FP-Flex®   
Hydrocarbon Separator Download Oil Separators   
iFix repair fittings and boots Download IFix   
Industrial tanks Download Industrial tanks   
LPG tanks Download Aboveground LPG Tanks    Download Underground LPG Tanks   
LPG-Flex ® pipes Download LPG-Flex ®   
Manhole Cover Connections Download Risbridger General   
Manholes Download Risbridger General   
Modular manifold Download Modular 3G Manifold   
Multifunctional Under Pump Valve Download Risbridger UPV    Download Risbridger General   
Nupi PE pipes Download Nupi PE Pipes   
Overfill protection valves Download Risbridger General   
PE Crash Barrier Download PE Crash Barrier   
Pressure-Vacuum Vent Valves Download Risbridger General   
RTP pipes Download Technical datasheet RTP   
Secondary ducts
Shear valves Download Risbridger General   
Spill containers Download Spill containers   
Stairs / Railguards / Platforms Download Tank Accessories   
Suction and vent adaptors Download Risbridger General   
Tank Sumps Download Tank Sumps    Download Datasheet   
Under and aboveground tanks Download Aboveground tanks    Download Underground tanks   
Vapour return coupling Download Risbridger General   

Our sectors

Underground tanks

The CGH Group are European market leaders in the production of storage tanks and pressure vessels. The combination of quality, competitive prices and short lead times (high production output) has built a growing customer base including almost all the major oil companies and industrial market players.

Custom work

Next to our standard products, we also offer custom-made solutions. We work closely together with our customers until we find the best possible solution.

Quality & Durability

CGH guarantees quality and durability. We choose our business partners wisely and strive to establish long term relationships.


Dialogue and mutual trust are at the top of our list. Our customers dictate the direction and we provide the required products and services to successfully finish the project.
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