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Secondary ducts

The corrugated secondary PE ducts SP3501 (90 mm OD, 76 mm ID) and SP6001 (147 mm OD/ 126 mm ID) are part of a FOGS piping installation, and provide the required secondary containment. They can also be used as an optional duct for LPG-flex® piping or as electrical cable ducts. CGH SP secondary ducts are flexible, fuel resistant and leak tight. CGH Belgium provides different solutions for wall passages and end of duct sealing for FOGS or electrical cables.

  • Technical details
    • OD 90 or 147 mm
    • Certified as secondary containment for FOGS piping, testable
    • Compression resistant corrugated PE walls
  • Advantages
    • Multiple FOGS pipes can be combined in a single secondary duct, with testable adapters
    • EasyFit sealing boots and inserts are available for wall passages and duct sealing
    • No special tools required, couplings are installed manually with two wrenches

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