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CGH can provide services and products usable in a variety of sectors.  Our Core business is fuel tanks and accessories but also industrial tanks and applications are within our domain of expertise.  


CGH has a long lasting expertise and broad product range for building petrol stations. More specifically, CGH offers all underground materials for petrol stations: fuel tanks, underground piping, entry fittings, sumps, street covers and more.


Our MwayPro composite street covers have proven their value when installed at service stations. They also have the advantage that they are transparent for radio waves which makes them attractive for telecom operators.


The increasing importance of datacenters and ‘big data’ emphasizes the need for fuel tanks and CGH’s FOGS pipes to supply emergency generators. Our products guarantee a continious power supply.


The importance of exploration and production of crude oil is still a very actual theme. CGH’s composite RTP pipes are a perfect alternative for corroding steel pipes. They are being used during a first transportation of crude oil from production well to storage facility, manifold or oil/water separators.


Next to our traditional fuel tanks, we also offer a broad range of composite street covers “MwayPro”.  These non-conductive street covers eliminate the danger of electrocution in an environment with high voltage and  stray currents.


The excellent anti-slip properties of MwayPro composite covers increase the safety for pedestrians, motorcyclists and other road users. For water sensitive areas, we have developed a cover that, in case of overpressure, releases the excess water before returning to its  original state.


CGH manufacture above-and underground fuel storage tanks and container stations to supply rolling stock at ports and airports from fuel. Other applications can be found in the supply of CGH’s LPG Flex pipes for airport fire brigade training centers.


During the construction of electricity, gas and water supplies, inspection chambers and ditches can be safely secured with lightweight, anti-slip composite MwayPro covers. Optionally vented MwayPro composite covers can be offered preventing accumulation of flammable and hazardous gases.

Our sectors

Underground tanks

The CGH Group are European market leaders in the production of storage tanks and pressure vessels. The combination of quality, competitive prices and short lead times (high production output) has built a growing customer base including almost all the major oil companies and industrial market players.

Custom work

Next to our standard products, we also offer custom-made solutions. We work closely together with our customers until we find the best possible solution.

Quality & Durability

CGH guarantees quality and durability. We choose our business partners wisely and strive to establish long term relationships.


Dialogue and mutual trust are at the top of our list. Our customers dictate the direction and we provide the required products and services to successfully finish the project.
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