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Modular manifold

The modular manifold, when installed in between multi-compartment tanks and the dispensers, allows reallocation of fuel storage capacities based of sales analysis as well as the future addition of a third product, without costly and time-consuming changes to the underground piping network. All piping can already be installed during the initial construction, a simple exchange of elbows inside the manifold is all that is needed to keep the station future-proof.

  • Technical details
    • Available with 3, 6, 9 and 12 input lines, for up to 12 compartments
    • Three collectors for up to three fuel grades
    • Single or double box construction for easy of handling and installation
  • Advantages
    • Quick and easy access to replace entry elbow connections
    • High resistance polyurethane coating, identical to the CGH tank coating
    • Cleaner, shorter suction pipes can be installed without crossings

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