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Delivery of 2 x 300m³ storage tanks for esthers

2 x 300m³ steel storage tanks produced according to  AD2000 have been road transported during the night to avoid traffic jams and other hiccups as much as possible. 

Each tank has a length of 30m and a total transportation length of 50m when you include the truck with trailer. 

Both tanks are double skin with 10mm steel thickness inside and 5mm outside.
They each have a working temperature design of -20/+50°C. Four (4) fundaments weighing eight (8) tonnes will support the tank 

Prior to commissioning the tanks, a final insulation layer has been applied by the end customer on-site. 

Simply a project to be proud of! 


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Pilot installation LPG-Flex for Biogas applications

Pilot installation FP-Flex for Biogas applications –
Digestion of agricultural waste in digestion tanks

In the French Picardie region, near the banks of the river Somme, CGH’s French distributor installed the first LPG-Flex composite pipe for Biogas applications.

The new Biogas plant is a 5 million Euro investment from a cooperative of several local farmers. Expected to be inaugurated by the end of April, it will turn organic waste into a renewable and environmentally friendly Biogas.

The new LPG-Flex pipe for biogas is used for the underground connections at the site. Biogas LPG-Flex pipe is a DN48 Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) with stainless steel end fittings. Its unique features are very well known: rapid installation, no underground connections, no internal nor external corrosion, high flexibility and extreme durability.

The Biogas made from 100% local feedstocks is injected into an existing high pressure gas line running about 200 m from the site; local production – local consumption.


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2 X 300m³ aboveground double skin tanks

CGH is currently producing 2 X 300m³ aboveground double skin tanks for the storage of esters (= chemical compounds derived from an acid).

Some dimensions and figures:
Diameter: 3.6m
Length: approx.. 30m
Steel thickness: inner 10mm / outer 5mm

The insulation itself will be done on-site by the customer.

Taking roundabouts will be challenging for sure with these giant tanks

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The CGH Group delivers storage tanks with a helicopter

The CGH Group delivered 2 x 20 m³ underground gas tanks to supply a newly built ski hotel in Zermatt (Switzerland) with biogas. A heavy duty helicopter was used to safely deliver these tanks to the top of the mountain.

Somewhere behind the dense cloud cover there is “The Matterhorn”– often referred to as “The Mountain of Mountains” in the Swiss Alps.

Quite spectacular project at an amazing location!

On a side note, several people at CGH can’t wait to hit the slopes again!

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CGH Group partners up with DATS24 for Belgium retail fuel market

After years of setting up international partnerships through Europe, Africa and Asia it’s really satisfying to have set-up a strong long term belgian partnership with Colruyt Group – DATS24.

The CGH Group became a key supplier for DATS24’s underground equipment for building new petrol stations.

You can see 2 X 90m³ double wall underground tanks each with 2 compartments on the picture. The tanks were installed in “Wilrijk”, a district of the municipality and city of Antwerp, only a few kilometers away from CGH Belgium‘s offices.


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