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CGH offers a wide range of LPG storage tanks

At CGH Group we create LPG tanks made of carbon steel in capacities from 9.1m3 to 250m3. Tanks are available in underground, mounded and aboveground versions.

Our products are designed for several applications such as LPG heating, LPG refuelling and LPG depots. All of CGH’s LPG tanks have approvals granted by a notified body for pressure equipment subject to Directive 2014/68/EU based on EN13445 or AD2000.

If you want to learn more about our LPG steel storage tanks or have a specific inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@cghbelgium.com




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Speed chassis as a revolutionary foundation frame designed to save time and money

A Speed chassis is a revolutionary foundation frame designed to save you time and money while ensuring safety during the tank setting process.

With a SPEED CHASSIS, your tank is delivered to the construction site on a steel foundation frame and tied together with bands in the CGH factory. Onsite, the frame is embedded in concrete to form a foundation block, on which the tank is set. This innovative design means that you can save on foundation costs, reduce construction time and ensure safety during the tank setting process.

Additionally at CGH Group, we specialize in the production of speed chassis for several tank diameters. That is why we have dedicated a hall specifically for the production of manways and other accessory steel equipment for storage tanks for other tank manufacturers.



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CGH Group designs and produces LPG Flex pipes

200 or 400 meter LPG Flex pipes on continuous spools at the CGH Group

The CGH Group is renowned as a manufacturer of LPG pipes for underground installation

Our domain is flexibility: Assembly of these reinforced LPG pipes is quick, without any welding works or NDT testing

What are the advantages of of this product?

No corrosion
Installation in continuous sections
Lifespan of more than 30 years

Do you have any questions about LPG Flex pipework ? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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CGH Group participated to the 3rd West Africa LPG event in Ghana

We reminisce about the event that was the 3rd West Africa LPG Expo in Ghana for us!

During the 3rd West Africa LPG Expo in Ghana, the CGH group participated with a booth to showcase their LPG Flex pipes and LPG tanks.

All of CGH’s LPG tanks are certified by a notified body for pressure devices subject to directive 2014/68/EU and are built according to EN 13445 or AD2000 standards. 

In one of the pictures you see Karim D’Hondt speaking to Ghana’s Minister of Energy while highlighting the importance of a safe underground LPG installation done with LPG-Flex pipes.

This direct burial pipe reinforced thermoplastic pipe can be installed rapidly over long distances without underground couplers or expensive welding and testing operations.

A high flow rate at a low pressure and no corrosion are the most important advantages compared to steel pipes.

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Delivery of 4 X mounded LPG tanks to a Belgian customer

We delivered 4 X mounded LPG tanks to a new customer.
These LPG tanks will be used to heat their warehouse and more specifically to keep the temperature above dew point. This will prevent condensation on the stored steel sheet coils inside.
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Delivery of 2 x 300m³ storage tanks for esthers

2 x 300m³ steel storage tanks produced according to  AD2000 have been road transported during the night to avoid traffic jams and other hiccups as much as possible. 

Each tank has a length of 30m and a total transportation length of 50m when you include the truck with trailer. 

Both tanks are double skin with 10mm steel thickness inside and 5mm outside.
They each have a working temperature design of -20/+50°C. Four (4) fundaments weighing eight (8) tonnes will support the tank 

Prior to commissioning the tanks, a final insulation layer has been applied by the end customer on-site. 

Simply a project to be proud of! 


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