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CGH Group participated to the 3rd West Africa LPG event in Ghana

We reminisce about the event that was the 3rd West Africa LPG Expo in Ghana for us!

During the 3rd West Africa LPG Expo in Ghana, the CGH group participated with a booth to showcase their LPG Flex pipes and LPG tanks.

All of CGH’s LPG tanks are certified by a notified body for pressure devices subject to directive 2014/68/EU and are built according to EN 13445 or AD2000 standards. 

In one of the pictures you see Karim D’Hondt speaking to Ghana’s Minister of Energy while highlighting the importance of a safe underground LPG installation done with LPG-Flex pipes.

This direct burial pipe reinforced thermoplastic pipe can be installed rapidly over long distances without underground couplers or expensive welding and testing operations.

A high flow rate at a low pressure and no corrosion are the most important advantages compared to steel pipes.

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